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Building Controls

Make Your Building Smarter!

Verasys Controls Systems by Johnson Controls improve the comfort of building occupants. Installing a Verasys solution in your new or existing building will improve the comfort of your building's occupants, reduce energy costs an protect HVAC equipment. Designed for the needs of light Commercial to mid-market buildings. 

Connectivity and scalability.
Manage all aspects of your building!

In today's world, connectivity is a necessity. You may need to access your system at any time to ensure tenant comfort, promote energy optimization and protect your HVAC equipment investment. AAI provides you with a solution so you can have remote connectivity to access your building management system through any internet-enabled device, such as smartphone, laptop, or tablet. This allows you and other system users to dispatch building maintenance staff, whether on-site or off-site. 

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Simple Installation

Whether it's a retrofit or a new construction opportunity, Verasys provides an excellent solution for light commercial and mid-market buildings. Verasys can be installed via wired or wireless communication and configured through a simple drop-down menu structure. 


Energy Savings

We help organizations optimize their energy usage and reduce utility bills. We do this simply by managing equipment asset schedules and set points while pinpointing poor-performing assets across an enterprise to provide optimized control of building and refrigeration systems around the clock. 



The latest enterprise cloud solution provides and advanced level of control flexibility, including scheduling, alarming, summary reports and trends, wireless options, and user interface capabilities, such as analytics and provisioning. Other benefits include outlier analysis, reduce energy consumption, improved food safety, maximized equipment lifecycle and reduced operating costs and inventory losses. 

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